How do I order my recipe box?

We’ll deliver all the ingredients and recipe cards so you can simply cook and enjoy.

Choose three tasty meals to go into your recipe box. There are nine new recipes to choose from every month.

Select a recipe box size that suits you best. We provide recipe boxes for two (£39), four (£65) and six (£92) people.

Choose your preferred payment option. You can subscribe to receive one recipe box every month (your subscription can be paused or cancelled anytime after your first purchase), or you can make one-off recipe box purchases as often as you like.

(Visit our online deli to add some delicious drinks, cheese, cakes or chocolates to your recipe box.)

Select a delivery date that suits you best. There are four delivery dates to choose from every month.

And lastly, confirm your billing and delivery details (this is where you add a different delivery address if you’re sending the recipe box as a gift).

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Recipe box delivery dates.

There are four delivery dates to choose from every month.

September recipes
Wednesday 13th September (Sorry you’ve missed the order deadline for this date)
Friday 15th September (Sorry you’ve missed the order deadline for this date)
Wednesday 27th September (Order now)
Friday 29th September (Order now)

October recipes
Wednesday 11th October
Friday 13th October
Wednesday 18th October
Friday 20th October

November recipes
Wednesday 8th November
Friday 10th November
Wednesday 22nd November
Friday 24th November

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How are your ingredients sourced?

If it can be grown, reared, caught or made in Yorkshire it’s in our recipe box. All our meat, poultry, charcuterie, fish, cheese, eggs, dairy, bread and our condiments are 100% Yorkshire sourced. The availability of fresh fruit and veg grown in Yorkshire depends on the seasons. We work together with our family of supplier partners to make sure our recipes include as much Yorkshire grown fruit and veg as possible, whatever the time of year. If we can’t find fresh produce grown in Yorkshire then we always source British grown produce first.


How is my recipe box delivered?

UK wide deliveries: We deliver farm shop quality, premium ingredients and recipe cards to people’s homes the length and breadth of the UK, from Aberdeen to Cornwall, and from Ipswich to Cardiff. We can’t hand deliver to all of our customers yet, so we’ve partnered with DHL to deliver further afield.

Yorkshire deliveries: We love getting to know our customers and getting face to face feedback. We deliver in person wherever we can.

We will email you a few days before your recipe box is due to be delivered to confirm your delivery arrangements.

If you know you live in a designated remote area, please contact us before ordering as we may need to agree a delivery surcharge.


What happens if I’m not going to be at home when you deliver?

UK wide deliveries: We appreciate you may not be in to receive your delivery. If you think you will not be at home, feel free to provide us with an alternative delivery address such as a nearby neighbour or workplace or let us know if there’s a safe place on your property for DHL to leave your box. You will receive an email once your recipe box is dispatched so you can track the status of your delivery. DHL’s delivery window is 8am – 6pm.

Yorkshire deliveries: If you are not in when we deliver, we will leave your recipe box somewhere safe on your property or with a neighbour and leave a note to confirm where we’ve left it. We aim to deliver your recipe box by 6pm latest.


How should I store my ingredients?

We recommend that all ingredients requiring chilled storage are put in the fridge as soon as possible after delivery of your recipe box. Most of our ingredients arrive labelled with storage instructions. As a general guide, everything within the insulated wool liner must be kept in the fridge and all salad leaves, most herbs (basil prefers the cupboard) and most fruit and veg prefer the crisper drawer in the fridge. There are a few exceptions, such as onions, garlic and shallots which like the cupboard. According to our expert grower Nigel from Yorkshire Chillies, tomatoes lose their flavour in the fridge so pop those in the cupboard too!


When should I cook my meals by?

Our recommendation for ultimate freshness and the very best taste results is to cook all three meals in the four days following delivery (the day of delivery being the first day of four). We realise this isn’t always convenient and our customers tell us their food lasts much longer than this, especially if you freeze the ingredients with a short best before date such as chicken and fish on the day of delivery.


Doorstep collection service.

We all live in an increasingly waste conscious society and we know finding time to recycle isn’t always easy. If you’re short on time to compost, recycle or reuse our recipe box packaging we can help you. We’re happy to take away your old packaging when we deliver your next box and if you’re going to be out, just leave it on the doorstep. This service is currently only available for our hand delivery customers – we hope to extend it as soon as possible.


What should I do with all of my recipe box packaging?

98% of the packaging we use is recyclable, compostable and/or reusable.

Your cardboard carton:

  • Recyclable : The cardboard carton is 100% recyclable.
  • Compostable : Break down into small pieces and add to your compost. Cardboard is a source of carbon providing microorganisms in your compost heap with nutrients and energy.
  • Reusable : Get organised! Great for keeping together all those hats, gloves, muffles and scarves once spring arrives. Tidy away loose tools in the garage and plant pots kicking around the shed.

Your Woolcool blanket:

  • Recyclable : The plastic liner is 100% recyclable
  • Compostable : Dig into the soil in your garden. The wool releases valuable nitrates back into the soil as it breaks down.
  • Reuseable : The wool component is 100% pure wool perfect for hanging baskets, lining pet baskets, pipe lagging and draught excluders. It’s excellent protection for young plants and seedlings against the frost.

Your Vegware portion pots:

  • Compostable : Vegware is made of plants not plastic and is 100% compostable with food waste whether through a local food waste recycling collection service or on your compost heap.
  • Reusable : Clear the clutter! Tidy up all that loose change, keys, paper clips, buttons and other assorted odds and ends lying around at home.

Your Sorba-Freeze refrigerant pads:

  • Reusable : Can be repeatedly used and refrozen. Good for sports injuries (instead of frozen peas!). Perfect for keeping drinks nice and cool at that summer BBQ.


How do I order from the online deli?

Our online deli is full of hand picked artisan food and drink from Yorkshire. We keep on adding more items to the online deli so it’s worth popping back in every now and then to see what’s new.

You can add items from the online deli to your recipe or holiday box order as part of the ordering process (when you get to the basket there’s a link to the online deli before you checkout). These items will be delivered with your recipe or holiday box.

You can order items from the online deli by themselves (to send to yourself or as a gift for someone special). We call this with love from Yorkshire! There is no delivery charge for orders over £50. We deliver UK wide (with DHL if you’re further afield or by hand around Yorkshire wherever we can). If you know you live in a designated remote area, please contact us before ordering as we may need to agree a delivery surcharge. Deliveries are shipped within 2-3 days of ordering.

Click here to view online deli.


How do I order a holiday box?

All the information about our holiday boxes is on the holiday box page. Please note we only deliver holiday boxes to holiday homes in Yorkshire.

If you’re a holiday home owner and you’d like to tell your guests about our holiday boxes we’d love to hear from you.